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TPP Program Description

Cerritos College’s Teacher TRaining ACademy (Teacher TRAC) is a national award winning teacher preparation program that serves students interested in teaching early childhood, elementary, secondary or career technical education (CTE).  hi

Services Offered

The Teacher TRAC Center and Counseling Team are dedicated to assisting students on their path to becoming a teacher.  Each pathway has program counselors that help students with their educational planning and needs.  The Teacher TRAC Center is staffed Monday through Friday for student support.

We work closely with local school districts to provide fieldwork placements, paid internships, and work-based learning opportunities.   We also collaborate with local CSUs, providing seamless transfer pathways for students.  Education course faculty are experienced, full time TK-12 teachers and provide up to date, relevant coursework that prepares students for their role as future teachers.  Additionally, Teacher TRAC students can select other courses targeted for future teachers.  Approximately $6,000 are offered annually for scholarships.

Teacher TRAC also has a robust website with information and resources for future teachers:

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