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TPP Program Description

Compton College is committed to training the next generation of teachers to impact Los Angeles County schools, and specifically, the cities of Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount. Our program maps provide a coherent path for students interested in teaching early childhood, elementary, secondary or Career Technical Education (CTE).

Services Offered

Supported by a former teacher pipeline student and our professor of Education, the Teacher's Lab is where you can come to access all your resource needs for learning to become a teacher. Compton College has five Guided Pathways Divisions (GPD) that are comprised of a student success team (Financial Aid, Counselors, EOPS/CalWORKs/DSPS/etc.) to help ensure you reach your goals. GPD Counselors help students with educational planning and direct students toward their future career.  The Teacher's LAB is staffed Monday through Thursday for your student support needs. Our objective is to maintain close relationships with local school districts to position you for fieldwork opportunities, paid internships, and work-based learning placements.   We also collaborate with local CSUs and provide seamless transfer pathways for students.  Guidance is also provided for earning scholarship support.

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