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The TEACH for LA conference will be a weeklong event, May 3rd-May 7th, 2021.

This weeklong FREE conference is for everyone in the field of education:

  • Are you a future teacher? A college or high school student?
  • A current teacher? College faculty? Paraeducator?
  • Do you work with teachers and future teachers? Or want to?


There will be a variety of breakout sessions every day, keynote speakers on Monday May 3rd and Friday May 7th, student panels, teacher panels, a special networking event and many breakout sessions on what you need to know to TEACH for LA!

The conference will have a variety of breakout sessions to choose from, including sessions on early childhood education, TK-12 education, special education, social justice, and hands-on strategies for an effective classroom. Those registered will receive a schedule of all breakout session topics, dates and times by April 23rd. You will be registered for the conference and have access to whatever sessions your schedule allows. Breakout session links will be sent the day before the session to all registered.

Once you are registered, each day of the conference you will choose your own breakout sessions and join a community of educators and future educators in learning about topics such as:

  • Substitute teaching? Is it for me?
  • Anti-bias Education
  • How to become an elementary school teacher
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching junior high or high school: Requirements and pathways
  • Social Justice in the classroom
  • Teaching preschool, TK and Kindergarten: Pathways to careers in Early Care
  • How to become a special education teacher
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Supporting students with special needs
  • Strategies for student engagement
  • Child Development to Credential Program

This conference is organized by TEACH LA Regional Collaborative ( Sessions are hosted independently by regional community colleges, transfer institutions, and educations partners. This regional conference provides an opportunity to engage with many higher education partners and faculty in the Los Angeles Region!

Breakout sessions will be offered at various times of the day. There will be a special Networking Fair on Friday May 7th, and AWESOME Keynote Speakers on Monday May 3rd and Friday May 7th! At the Networking Fair on Friday May 7th we will end our weeklong conference with a giveaway drawing. You must be present during the giveaway and live in California to win.

Please Join Us May 3rd – 7th for TEACH FOR LA!


Conference Kick Off and Keynote Speaker (3 May 2021, 8:30-10a)

Simple Strategies for Student Engagement (3 May 2021, 10-11a)

Making Money with Substitute Teaching (3 May 2021, 11a-12p)

Anti-Bias Education and Anti-Racist Education: What’s the Difference? (3 May 2021, 12-2p)

My Retirement System (3 May 2021, 1-2p)
How to Build Your Classroom as a First-year Early Childhood Education (Preschool) Teacher (3 May 2021, 2-3p)

7 Secrets of a Successful Teaching Career (3 May 2021, 2;3:30p)

Special Education Speaker Panel: Let’s SPAR for Exceptional Children: Support, Programs, Advocacy, and Resources (3 May 2021, 5-6:30p)

Teacher Panel (3 May 2021, 7-8p)

Strategies for Successful Classroom Management (4 May 2021, 9-10a)

How do you become a teacher who can teach in elementary AND secondary classrooms? (4 May 2021, 11a-12p)

Racial Justice in Education: Uncovering the School to Prison Pipeline (4 May 2021, 12-1:30p)

Becoming a Transformative TK-12 Educator (4 May 2021, 2-3p)
Interested in Exploring Teaching? CPTP Information Session (4 May 2021, 4-5p)

Amplifying Student Voice in the Elementary Classroom (4 May 2021, 4:30-5:30p)

If Not Now, When? Strategies for Effective Time Management (4 May 2021, 4:30-6p)

LAMC and CSUN present teacher pathways. Child Development Certificates, Permits, and Transfer to… (4 May 2021, 5-6:30p)

Going it Alone vs. The Life Impact of a Mentor Relationship (4 May 2021, 6:30-7:30p)

Zero Textbook Cost Education Pathways (5 May 2021, 9-10a)

My Retirement System + Start Saving Now with Pension2 (5 May 2021, 10-11a)
Faculty Interviewing (5 May 2021, 11a-12p)

Expanded Learning as a Whole Child Laboratory for Future Teachers (5 May 2021, 1-2p)
Fake News and Real Curriculum… (5 May 2021, 2-3p)

Development and Research in Early Math Education (5 May 2021, 3-4p)

Culturally Responsive Approaches Meets Neuroscience for Secondary Teachers (5 May 2021, 4-5p)
My Latina (Leadership) Tribe (5 May 2021, 5-6p)

Navigating Special Education Programming/Services (6 May 2021, 10-11a)

Interested in Exploring Teaching? CPTP Information Session (6 May 2021, 11a-12p)

Expanded Learning as a Whole Child Laboratory for Future Teachers (6 May 2021, 1-2p)
Anti-Racism in Education (6 May 2021, 3-4p)

CPTP Teacher Mentoring Network (6 May 2021, 3-4p)

Difficult Moments (6 May 2021, 4-5p)
Creating and Sustaining Safe Spaces – Understanding Trauma-Informed Care (6 May 2021, 4-5:30p)

Know your Identity, Stand for Social Justice and Integrate Anti-Bias Curriculum in the Classroom (6 May 2021, 6-7p)

BONUS TEACHER PANEL!!! (6 May 2021, 7-8p)

Off the Path to Preschool (7 May 2021, 8-10a)
Conference Conclusion: Keynote Speaker, Networking and Giveaway (7 May 2021, 10a-12p)

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